Mangocoin (MNG) is a fresh and awsome cryptocurrency project, it was created to help fund and carry out different projects of the younger generation such as different sports events, competitions, teams and supporting kids sports clubs, as well as helping the ones who need a helping hand the most – children without families. 

The only way to participate in donation projects is to buy Mangocoins (MNG) through our website. Every donation will grant you corresponding amount of Mangocoins in return (read more here), which you can later exchange to other crypto coins or wait a bit and sell it when exchange rate is suitable for You.
Mangocoin (MNG) is a private, untraceable, finite and secure cryptocurrency, which is ASIC resistant fork of Cryptonote, using the CryptoNight Turtle version algorithm. Mangocoin fulfills the long overdue desire for a truly anonymous, decentralised, finite peer-to-peer electronic currency. Individuals and businesses can transact securely, reliably and anonymously with low fees. Mangocoin transactions are fast, i mean super fast compared to Bitcoin for ex. where sending Bitcoin between wallets can take up to hours. Mangocoin can be mined on any Windows Mac or Linux based computer, or even on smartphones no matter how powerful or weak, pretty cool right?

At the same time Mangocoin aims to become widely used cryptocurrency among the younger generations, especially in different payment gateways for websites and other instant payment solutions between users.

Stay tuned, we will update our site with new information as well as new updates about mining ⛏ Mangocoins (MNG)  
We are super exited!