Mangocoin Roadmap

July 4

The birth of Mangocoin

July 15

Mangocoin binaries created, code uploaded to Github

August 1

GUI wallet and blockchain explorer created and uploaded to Github

August 15

Mangocoin gets listed at first exchange

September 5

Mangocoin was added to exchange

October 1

Mangocoin gets listed at Finexbox exchange

October 10

Mangocoin blockchain height exceeds 50000 blocks

December 31

2019 4Q first donation project will be listed

December 31

Mangocoin Blockchain Height reaches 100000 Blocks

February 29

Mangocoin will be added to mobile wallet

March 31

Mangocoin will be added to new popular exchange(s)

April 30


June 30

More donation projects will be added during the year, promotional events for kids to promote Mangocoin