Buy Mangocoin

How to buy Mangocoin (MNG)?

There are currently two ways of how you can buy Mangocoins. Firstly, you can buy them directly from us just by sending an inquiry to our contacts, our base exchange rate is 1MNG = 0.0000001 BTC or 10,000,000 MNG=1BTC (we accept most tradable cryptocurrencies at the corresponding exchange rates to BTC). Please note this exchange rate will rise as MNG is gaining popularity fast. You can buy Mangocoins using secure payment gateway here or by scanning this QR code. Please save transaction id, this helps us to track down your payment.

The second option is to buy them from Cryptocurrency exchanges. Whichever way you choose to buy MNG, you need to have your own MNG wallet id ready. You can get an MNG wallet by downloading & installing or it will be created for you by an exchange. Currently, MNG is traded at the following exchanges, (new exchanges will follow).



You can also buy Mangocoins with other altcoins