Mangocoin (MNG)

Fast | Private | Secure

 July 2019 


Mangocoin (MNG) is a young cryptocurrency project created to foster digital charity using blockchain technology. Currently, our focus is on funding youth sports projects in underdeveloped areas. With privacy and full decentralization in mind, Mangocoin implements the Cryptonote protocol, meaning all donations are completely anonymous, untraceable, and secure. Mangocoin connects nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country around the world. We help local nonprofits access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to become more effective.

Key Features

Mangocoin is a private, untraceable, finite and secure cryptocurrency. We remain committed to the proposition that coins and block rewards should be distributed to everyone, not just a few large mining farms. Because of this, Mangocoin uses Cryptonite Turtle as its Proof of Work algorithm, which is ASIC resistant.

Mangocoin is a cryptocurrency whose primary objective is to provide all users with a way to transact privately in an increasingly unprivate world. Mangocoin is a proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrency that is based on Turtlecoin, a well-known cryptocurrency that’s both fast and private.

This white paper outlines the technology used in Mangocoin. We anticipate that changes to this technology will occur as Mangocoin continues to be developed. New versions of this white paper will be released to reflect any substantial future changes and updates.


The demand for privacy in digital transactions is ever increasing. User data is being collected, processed, and traded at unprecedented levels. Everything from users browsing data and email contents, to credit score and spending habits, are gathered and sold between the world’s largest corporations and state-level actors. Mangocoin aims to supply a censorship-resistant suite of tools that will allow users to transact in private.

Bitcoin came with the promise of privacy, but what has resulted is more traceability than

ever. Companies like Chainalysis and BlockSeer have taken advantage of Bitcoin’s transparent blockchain architecture to trace and follow specific transactions. Mango is based off

Turtlecoin, a cryptocurrency that has established itself as a fast and private cryptocurrency.

Mangocoin Parameters

Name Mangocoin
Ticker MNG
Maximum Supply 20 Billion
Algo Cryptonote
Version Cryptonight Turtle / ASIC resistant
Premine 20% locked for 10 years
Premine release period 2% yearly released for developing and marketing
Mining reward ca 11800

Cryptonote Elements

Mangocoin uses the Turtlecoin source code because of the high level of privacy it affords to transactions. That gives users the ability to sign transactions and obfuscate amounts while maintaining plausible deniability. For a more in-depth look at the privacy features, check out the CryptoNote whitepaper: https://cryptonote.org/whitepaper.pdf

Ring Signatures

Ring signatures work by constructing a ring of possible signers to a transaction where only

one of the signers is the actual sender. Mango makes use of ring signatures to obfuscate the true

history of transaction outputs. Ring signatures will be mandatory for all Mangocoin transactions

(excluding block reward transactions), and uniquely, a fixed ring-size often is enforced on

the Mango blockchain. This means that each input will spend from one of ten possible outputs,

including the true output.


RingCT was first proposed by the Monero Research Lab as a way to obfuscate transaction amounts. Current deployments of RingCT use range proofs, which leverage Pedersen commitments to prove that the amount of a transaction being sent is between 0 and 264. This range ensures that only non-negative amounts of currency are sent, without revealing the actual amount sent in the transaction.

Mango Services

Mangocoin was initially released with a number of services to all new users to get started as easily as possible. For the list of initial and upcoming services, continue reading below.


Mangocoin was initially released with three wallet options:

  1. Desktop wallet – for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  2. Mobile wallet – for Android devices

Further down our timeline, we plan on bringing you a mobile wallet option for iOS as well as a paper wallet and web wallet.

The wallets can be found here:

1. Desktop wallet with graphical interface – https://github.com/mangocoinproject/mangocoin-wallet-electron/releases/tag/v0.1.5

2. Command line desktop wallet with mining software – https://github.com/mangocoinproject/mangocoin/releases/tag/v0.1.3

3. Mobile wallet for Android users (beta) – download from here

Mining Pool

A mining pool allows users to “pool” their computing resources together to solve blocks. Once a block is solved, the reward is dished out proportionally to the effort contributed by your hash power. The more powerful miner(s) you have, the more you can earn.

Our official mining pool can be found here: 

Blockchain Explorer

A blockchain explorer is where you can look up Mangocoin’s network stats such as the blockchain height, circulating supply, number of transactions, network difficulty, and more. You can also check your transactions and see mining pool stats.

Our official blockchain explorer can be found here : http://expolorer.mangocoin.online


Mangocoin uses the AISC resistant hashing algorithm called Cryptonight Turtle. That allows you to easily mine it with your Laptop or even a mobile phone. Some popular CPU/GPU miners for mining Mangocoin are:

Mangocoin can be both solo and pool mined, giving you options to mine no matter how powerful your computer/mining rig is.

How to solo mine

The first step is to download the latest CLI files for your computer here: https://github.com/mangocoinproject/mangocoin/releases

Next, unzip the file and start the daemon:

Windows: Mangocoind.exe

Linux/Mac (from terminal app): ./Mangocoind

Finally start the miner like so:

Windows: miner.exe –address <your_wallet_address>

Linux/Mac (from terminal app): ./miner –address <your_wallet_address>


Mangocoin proposes a model for anonymous transactions built on a network of economically incentivized nodes. Mangocoin uses the foundations of the CryptoNote protocol to ensure privacy and to enhance network resilience and functionality. All that coupled with our robust apps providing users with a high degree of digital privacy.